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Accepted Abstracts

Number Presentation Type Abstract Title Presenter
1 Oral Experimental Research and Mathematical Modeling of Parameters Effecting on cutting tool wear in CNC Turning Process Fitim Zeqiri
2 Oral Investigation of Material Selection in Industrial Product Design in Terms of Universal Design Principles İffet Pala
3 Oral Perception of Users for Sensorial Characteristics of Materials İffet Pala
4 Oral A Review On  Harvesting Circuits For Renewable Energy Systems Seyfettin Gürel
5 Oral Sustainable Design A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Review for Product Design Sümeyra Betül Tayfur
6 Oral Medical Applications Of Three-Dimensional Printing Sümeyya Arıkan
7 Oral Determination Of Influence Of Infill Ratio For Various Filament Types On Failure Load Murat Aydın
8 Poster Design Of Warm Hydraulic Bulge Test Setup And Experimental Procedure Elif ŞÜKÜR
9 Oral Determination Mechanical Properties Of Printed Pla Material With Various Infill Ratio In 3d Printer Using Digital Image Correlation Technique Murat AYDIN
10 Oral Welding Technologies in the Aeronautic Industry Mehmet TÜRKER
11 Oral Differential Evolution Algorithm based Approach to Determine New Hemorrhagic Regions on Fundus Fluorescein Angiography Images Mehmet Bahadır ÇETİNKAYA
12 Oral Numerical Analysis of Rubber-Pad Forming on Mesoscale Parts Mahmut Tandoğan
13 Oral The Design Of A Low-Cost Set-Up For Manufacturing The Stent Osman Tuna Gökgöz 
14 Oral Numerical Studies On An Adhesively Bonded Butt Joint In 2024T351 Aluminum Alloy Under Torsion Mehmet Yetmez
15 Oral Numerical Study of the Flow Interference Between Tandem Cylinders Employing non-Linear Hybrid URANS–LES and K-Omega Methods Hasan Can KELEŞ
16 Oral Merdiven Tipi Engelli Platformu Tasarımı Ve Optimizasyonu Ahmet CAN
17 Oral Effect of Different Cutting Tools on Machinability of the Al-5Zn Alloy Şenol BAYRAKTAR
18 Oral Extruder System Design And Applications In 3d Food Printers Gülce KAYA
19 Oral Energy Transition, Urban Transition And Biomimetic Approach Kurtuluş Değer
20 Oral Aircraft Cabin with Innovative Products and Additive Manufacturing İrfan Çalıskan 
21 Oral Sürdürülebilir Tasarım Egitiminde Biyomimikri Tasarım Laboratuarı Hüdayim Basak
22 Oral Ulasım Tesisleri için Düşük Hacim Yüksek Kapasiteli Konaklama Tesisi Tasariminda Bal Petegi Modeli Yaklasimi Hüdayim Basak
23 Oral Kambur Balina’nin Yüzgeçlerinden Esinlenerek Oluşturulan Kanat Profil Veriminin Cfd Analizi İle İncelemesi Hüdayim Basak
24 Oral Biomimetic Additive Manufacturing: 4d Printing Hüdayim Basak
25 Oral Biyomimetik Açidan Kazma Hareketinin İncelenmesi Alkın Yılmaz Akter
26 Oral Using Photo-Based Research Methods in Design Research Hatice Kübra Dolap 
27 Poster Design Exploration Through User-Generated Video Materials Gizem Hediye Eren
28 Oral Designing and Implementing a Supplier Selection Process for Hotels Mehmet Gümüş
29 Poster The Development of Flexible Manufacturing Equipment for The Glass-Mosaic Products Bülent Yılmaz 
30 Oral Design Of A Novel Test Setup For Fatigue Of Adhesively Bonded Joints Via Vibration Uğur Kemiklioğlu
31 Oral Nonplanar Wing Configuration For Unmanned Air Vehicle Design Concept Recep Ekici 
32 Oral Design of a Sensor to Detect Fruit Freshness Emine Kemiklioğlu
33 Oral Forming Analysis of Locally Heated Sheet Metals By Using FEM Mahmut TANDOĞAN
34 Poster Online 2 Dimensional Measurement System For Complicated Geometric Shapes Using Image Processing Method Murat Akdoğan
35 Oral Three Dimensional Bioprinter Design And FEM Analysis Aysu Akıllı
36 Oral A Compraison of Barrier Systems Used for Side by Side Parking Lots Hüseyin Riza Börklü 
37 Oral Conceptual Design of a Novel Stair Lift for Elderly and Disable People Hüseyin Riza Börklü 
38 Oral Conceptual Design of a New Baby Monitoring Device Cemile Şanlıer
39 Oral Conceptual Design of a New Turkish Coffee Making Machine Ceren Kiraz
40 Oral Classification Of Diabetes' Disease With Data Mining Techniques Emel Kızılkaya Aydoğan
41 Oral Municipality Management Information System Selection Problem: An Application Of Smaa-Vikor Emel Kızılkaya Aydoğan
42 Oral Determination Of Municipality Management Information System Criteria And Determination Of Weights By Rough-Ahp Method Emel Kızılkaya Aydoğan
43 Oral 3D Printing Of Graphene Composites H. Kürsad Sezer